Protectorion Data Safe

Protectorion™ Data Safe - Encrypt files, folders and passwords!

Encrypt your confidential files, folders and passwords and protect them from prying eyes and data theft. Protectorion provides high level security for your confidential data and is easy to use. Strong and fast encryption using the industry leading standard AES 256 bit: on your computer, your flash drives and your external hard disks.

NEW! Protectorion Free Edition - use Protectorion Free Edition without time limitation!

Every day the media report on computer crime and hacker attacks. Viruses, Trojans and root kits are the skeleton keys of the modern world. With constantly improving methods the attackers keep one step ahead of their pursuers. Stolen data end up in the wrong hands and are unprotected from misuse. Laptops can be stolen, USB flash drives can be lost. In the office and on your private PC data loss could have unpleasant consequences. Unencrypted files on stolen or lost devices are accessible to anyone who finds them. Protectorion is the perfect safe for your files, folders and passwords.
Protectorion Data Safe 3.1 Free Edition Pro Edition
Contains Protectorion PC for computers and Protectorion ToGo for external devices (e.g. flash drives)
Contains File Safe for file encryption and Password Safe for password encryption
Dowload Free Edition (3 MB) / Buy Pro Edition Download Free Edition Buy Protectorion Pro Edition
Functions Free Edition Pro Edition
Fast and easy data encryption by drag & drop powered by the new Phalanx Encryption Engine
Outstanding security through industry leading standard AES 256 bit (1)
File and folder names are encrypted - the real names are only displayed in Protectorion
Password protection for all data and security index for passwords
Encryption and decryption of data using drag & drop from Windows into Protectorion and back
Convenient encryption by dragging data onto the Protectorion Pad on your Windows Desktop
Easy management of files and folders directly within Protectorion just like in Windows
Erased files are not recoverable using recovery software
Encryption of passwords for e.g. online banking, webmail, Facebook, Twitter & Co.
Synchronization of passwords between computer and external devices
Fast login to websites with username and password
Encrypted backup copies with only a few mouse clicks
Standby mode for instant opening and closing of the software from the system tray
Time-triggered lock functionality - in case you forget to lock your safe
License Free Edition (2) Pro Edition (3)
Install and use on up to: PC(s) / external devices 1 / 1 2 / 5
Use for private / business purposes yes / no yes / yes
Support / Updates / Manual no / no / yes yes / yes / yes
Price Protectorion Data Safe (nonrecurring lifetime license, incl. VAT) free 24,90 USD
Download Free Edition (3 MB) / Buy Pro Edition Download Protectorion Free Edition Buy Protectorion Pro Edition

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